Géza Péter Fekete

fine artist, musician, teacher

member of L1 Association (2011 – 2016)


10 Questions – 10 Answers

Where would you like to wake up tomorrow morning?

Obviously on the beach of my dreams, on an island somewhere in the Caribbean. Under a rum barrel, as a pirate, but of course I wouldn’t kill any innocent people.

Can you name a book, a movie, a piece or a song, which you think is about you?

I can only recognize small similarities; I have never felt a complete identification. But if I may say, Shadows (1959) by John Cassavetes, and Luc Besson’s The Last Battle (1983), and lots of action movies . Oh yeah, and Ken Russel’s The Devils (1971).

What would you do, if you wouldn’t be doing what you do now?

I would build an earth house, raise animals, and save the ones in need.

What is your greatest fear?

That I end up homeless and have to suffer. And that something in the sea pulls me under, attacks me or eats me. Different fears in different situations.

What ’superficial’ things do you waste your time with?

Daydreaming at the computer. Usually I try to do useful things, maniacally. 

When and how do you get your best ideas?

In water, when my head is under the water. It can be in the bathroom or in open water.

Which historical figure or fictive personality would you like to share a cup of coffee or a glass of wine with?

My favorite saxophonist, Albert Ayler comes into my mind, and we would drink what he likes.

Which sensory organ is the most important for you?

My nose.

Is there one fact about you, which would surprise others if they would know it?

If they would see me as a pasha in the harem.

How do you see yourself in ten years?

In a bed, between pillows :-). 54 years old, as a young father.

(January 2015.)