L1 Independent Artists Association of Public Utility started off as a grassroots initiative in 1998. It was officially established in 2002 and renewed in 2011 with a different corporate structure and with new members. Its mission is to secure professional support for independent Hungarian artists of performing and creative arts on both national and international level.

Independent artists who currently make their living outside the formal organizational structures are scarce of available possibilities to train themselves, to get support or to perform their works in Hungary. These conditions unable them to produce high quality creative work. The positive and constructive professional environment what the association provides for its artists is vital for them in order to integrate in the local, national, international blood-circulation, to enrich their professional advancement and to gain access to more.

L1’s goal is to back up those Hungarian performing and creative artists who freshly start their career and/or just active there for a while by supplying them with professional background and real practical knowledge in order to create a mutually listening working context. The focus is on the personal professional advancement, self-training and creating possibilities to show themselves. Thus the association’s membership broadens with the resident artists of the programme, strengthens its crowd base, enriches it artistic portfolio and presents valuable works of art to the Hungarian audience.

During the long-term co-operations, L1 Association motivates its artists to becoming conceptual thinkers, self-reflective artists, to becoming conscious, broad-minded, highly trained artists of the Hungarian dance scene.

Artist members of the association by expressing their standpoints take active part in L1’s general activities and in the decision making. Its general aim is high-level cultivation of artistic activity and to create the right conditions for this. With its services, it is particularly helpful for members and resident artists but also welcomes “homeless” artists from other art fields. Presentation of these works, organizing and running festivals is one of the main objectives. It works with educational and specialized therapies, and works regularly with volunteers. It co-operates closely with domestic and foreign dance and partnership companies, organizations, which are also present in the international arena through relationships.

The association believes that following an independent route outside the official, organizational structures has value-creating effects and can be an exemplary one for future generations.

The Association's primary goal, as to support innovative, unconventionally thinking and courageously experimenting artists – those who are ready to leave the known for the sake of the unknown – seems to realize after the first year of its independent activity. L1 Independent Artists Association of Public Utility – shortly L1 Association is interested in creating circumstances for high quality performances (visual arts, performing arts and dance), managing the career of the association’s members as well as supporting freelance artists. The association considers its educative activity of significant importance therefore it puts special emphasis on the funding of national and international study tours and festival visits, residency programs for early-stage artists and on the organization of various workshops and discussions, forums.

On the long run L1 Association aims at operating a contemporary dance and art centre in a welcoming, open environment which could house all its initiatives both structurally and artistically.  

Interview with Márta Ladjánszki – February 24 2021 Malá Inventúra #19


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name of the owner of the bank account: L1 Egyesület (in english: L1 Association)

name of the bank: MagNet Magyar Közösségi Bank Zrt.

account number: 16200010-10069602 (HUF)

Iban: HU69 1620 0010 1006 9602 0000 0000