qARTisans Festival 

An exciting festival where the performances were chosen by qARTisans – the active spectators' group of Bakelit MAC (in cooperation with L1 Association) and which group is waiting for new members.

September 21. 2021. tuesday

18.00 tuning in

20.30 performances

Artists represented: István Kovács, Márta Ladjánszki & co., Flóra Veres/Talking Bodies

Special guests: Artichoke Heart (HK)


Main supporters of qARTisans Festival:

Be SpectACTive! Project, Creative Europe Programme, Bakelit MAC, NKA Kulturális Fesztiválok Kollégiuma, L1 Association

Media partner:


If you want to be part of the qARTisans FB-group, register into its work. And if you simply just want to see the shows you can buy your ticket online.




You can see the following works during the evening:

Artichoke Heart (HK)

Artichoke Heart are a Hong Kong duo formed by Tze Long & Wai Chun. They mainly use chanting, hoomii throat singing, hand pan, zen pan, pagoda frame drum, singing bowls, bells, wind chime, gongs, shruti box and handmade bamboo flutes for performances. From 2017 till now, they performed in several spiritual/witch events, art markets, art festivals, exhibitions in Hong Kong and Taiwan. This is their second time to come to Budapest. They experiment with different sound fields, collect and study the sound models of the natural spirits everywhere during the trip, and finally continue to use sound rituals to bring a profound spiritual journey to the listener.

In 2021, the couple operated the "Pengpeng Temple'' – with the purpose of body works, self-love, healing intimacy, reshaping physical and emotional memory, gender + environmental friendliness. They provide healing massages, reiki sound baths to heal sleep disorders, acupuncture, ear acupoint energy therapy, card readings, cannabinoid products, home-grown tea herbs, etc. Their constant collaborating partners in Hong Kong are Heavens Please, Art Mapping, Homecoming, v.w vegan cafe, Radical Peaceful, Ajna Sound Therapy & Yoga, Angelic Whisper and Crystal Inner.

Instagram: pengpeng.temple

»»» «««

István Kovács: Therapy

Concept/performer: István Kovács

Digital effects: Szabolcs Kovács


Supported by L1 Association, EMMI


Our every move in the present causes vibrations in the past as well as in the future.


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Márta Ladjánszki in cooperation with the performers: UMARMUNG 2.0 – a possible sequel 

Concept/choreography/direction: Márta Ladjánszki 

Active partners of the creative process: Attila Dániel, Márta Ladjánszki, Zsófia Szász

Composer/performer: Zsolt Varga


Supported by L1 Association, IVF – VARP-PA, NaVKE, MNE, EMMI, NKA, Bakelit MAC, Be SpectACTive! Project, Creative Europe Program


We premiered UMARMUNG in its final state on 2021.04.30 at Bakelit MAC.

In the Summer of 2021 the VARP-PA program of the International Visegrad Fund gave us the possibility to continue the work in Žďár nad Sázavou (CZ) at the Centrum choreografického rozvoje SE.S.TA. What we show this time is a collection of newly found motives representing a first version of a possible follow up. 


A taster of the upcoming UMARMUNG 2.0 happening now in Bakelit MAC working with its specific spatial possibilities.


»»» «««

Flóra Veres (TalkingBodies): One in One

Director/choreographer: Flóra Veres

Music/performer: Ádám Márton Horváth

Creators-performers: Flóra Veres, Ádám Márton Horváth

Costume: MsPink (GE)

Mentor: Márta Ladjánszki

Special thanks to Zsuzsanna Simányi


Supported by L1 Association, National Cultural Fund – Zoltán Imre Program, Sín Culture Centre, Inversedance, Workshop Foundation, EMMI Czech Centrum, ‘Köszönjük, Magyarország! Program’


"Man, woman, mother, father, kid. We shift from one to the other while staying the one as well. 'One in One’ is a world where we can try these rolls on, where we can be any or all of them. An inner trip through time and space, touching love, absence, community, loneliness, gender roles, touching ourselves and each other so that finally we can arrive at our new role…"

From whom did we get our lives? How do we inherit our fate? We get and we give something. “She is like her mother, like two drops in the sea.” Where is the end of our personality? Where are our bodies’? Or is it able to extend and reach to another person?

“She is from me, all her cells, flesh and blood, body and soul, but she isn’t Me… Then who am I?” How do these roles change throughout our lifetime? From childhood I became an adult, but still somebody’s child. And also, somebody’s partner. Who will I become when I enter a new role?

One in One is willing to show two young people's flashback and "flash-forward"; the difficulties of the stratification of their personalities, the irony, the ease, the beauty, the magic and the real of these two people, necessarily looking through a personal point of view, with respect towards time and with humour to be able to handle it.