NEW deadline of the Visegrad Artist Residency Program-Performing Arts offered by International Visegrad Fund (IVF).

Deadline: 15 February

Possible duration: 1 May – 31 December 2018

The program is prepared in collaboration with Stanica Zilina-Zariecie (Truc Spherique) and aims at sup­port­ing inno­va­tion, exper­i­ment and cre­ativ­ity in the per­form­ing arts—new drama, con­tem­po­rary dance, new cir­cus, phys­i­cal the­atre, visual the­ater, alter­na­tive the­ater, per­for­mance art. The pro­gram is not suit­able for stone the­aters, already devel­oped per­for­mances, or the­ater fes­ti­vals.

Residencies are intended as 3-month projects in the calendar year with a min­i­mum 2-week stay at given host institution.

The finan­cial sup­port is given to both the artists and the host insti­tu­tions in the fol­low­ing format:

  • €4,000 for indi­vid­ual res­i­dency (1–2 artists): €1,500 for the host institution/€2,500 for the artist(s);
  • €8,000 for group res­i­dency (3 and more artists from the same country): €2,500 for the host institution/€5,500 for the artis­tic group.

Appli­cations are accepted from both indi­vid­ual artists (cit­i­zens of V4 coun­tries who are at least 18 years old) and artis­tic groups (both formal and informal, however, mem­bers of a group shall be from the same country V4 country). Each appli­cant may be granted sup­port only once in each V4 mem­ber state other than his/her cit­i­zen­ship and res­i­dence (applicant must have closed all previous projects supported by the Fund).

Video-documentation of applicant’s previous work must be submitted along with the application.

For more information please consult:




For help regarding host institutions in V4 countries please contact program partners:
CZ: Nova sit, Adriana Svetlikova, adrianasvetlikova@novasit.cz
HU: L1 Association, Márta Ladjánszki, l1dancelab@gmail.com,
PL: Stary Browar Nowy Taniec, Joanna Lesnierowska, j.lesnierowska@artstationsfoundation5050.com
SK: Stanica Zilina-Zariecie (Truc Spherique), Barbora Urikova, barbora@stanica.sk

To register your application please use this link: http://my.visegradfund.org/Account/Login?ReturnUrl=%2f

Residency possiblities:

in Czech Republic: http://www.novasit.cz/en/network


in Slovakia: http://antenanet.sk/clenovia/en From these just the venues mentioned below can host performers: A4 - space for contemporary culture, Tabačka Kulturfabrik, Divadlo Pôtoň, Kolomaž - Klub Lúč, Na Peróne, Truc sphérique - Stanica Žilina-Záriečie, Wave ~ center of independent culture, Záhrada - Centre for Independent Culture

In Poland:

– ZAMEK City Center of Culture / Poznan / www.zamek.poznan.pl / contact person: the director Anna Hryniewiecka a.hryniewiecka@ckzamek.p
– BURDAG Foundation/residency place / www.burdagstudio.com / contact person : Maria Stoklosa marysia_s@yahoo.com
– Lublin Dance Theatre at Lublin Cultural Center / www.ltt.art.pl / contact: Anna Kalita taniec@ck.lublin.pl
– Maat Festival Lublin / www.rundance.pl / contact: Arkadiusz Sławek rundance.space@gmail.com
– artea Open Art Space (for preforming arts) / Bialystok / www.artea.edu.pl / contact: jaroslaw Sidorku kontakt@artea.edu.pl
– Stary Browart/ Art Stations Foundation / Poznan / www.starybrowarnowytaniec.pl / contact Joanna lesnierowska j.lesnierowska@artstationsfoundation5050.com
– IMPART/ Wrocław / www.airwro.wroclaw2016.pl , www.wroclaw2016.pl / contact: Berenika Nikodemska berenika.nikodemska@wroclaw2016.pl
– Hurtownia ruchu, Krakow / www.hurtowniaruchu.pl / contact Joanna Orłowska orlowska.asia@wp.pl
– Warszawski Teatr Tańca, Warszawa / www.wtt.waw.pl / contact Aleksandra Dziurosz / adziurosz@wtt.waw.pl, info@wtt.waw.pl
– Krakow Choreographic Centre - Nowa Huta Cultural Centre www: http://krakowskiecentrumchoreograficzne.pl/ contact: Agata Moląg agata.molag@nck.krakow.pl
– Synagoga Nowa GDAŃSKA, organization: Amareya Theatre & Guests www.teatramareya.pl, www.gdansk.jewish.org.pl
contact: Katarzyna Pastuszak, tel. +48 605228391, amareya.theatre@gmail.com

– LAMELLA https://www.facebook.com/lamellaqueerarts/ in Cracow


L1 Association – artistic collective who organizes L1danceFest and residency program in collaboration with venues – Marta Ladjanszki (artistic director) l1dancelab@gmail.com www.L1.hu
Bakelit Multi Art Center – theatre at factory area, open for collaborative projects out of the center of Budapest – Csaba Paroczay (artistic director) szinhaz@bakelitstudio.hu www.bakelitstudio.hu
Workshop Foundation – busy organization in international connections – Gergely Tallo gergo@wsf.hu www.wsf.hu
Artus (visual art, theater, dance) – contact: Szucs Dora Ida / artus.studio@gmail.com, szucs.dorida@gmail.comwww.artus.hu
Orkesztika Alapítvány - MOHA - Mozdulatművészek Háza (mainly dance, but open) – contact: Pálosi István, info@mozdulatmuveszet.hu +36209916447
Magyar Zsonglőr Egyesület, Inspirál Cirkuszközpont (circus) Kovács Eszter, inspiralcircus@gmail.com, 70/377-4900
Sín Cultural Center – busy organization in international connections – Zoltan Nagy (leader) nagy@sinarts.org www.sinarts.org
Art Quarter Budapest (fine art, but lately they hosted almost each year varp-pa residents as well) https://www.aqb.hu/
Maladype (theater) http://www.maladype.hu/hu/
KÁVA (theater) – more focused on participatory theater – http://www.kavaszinhaz.hu/