With the support of Erasmus+ program the Italy based Spazio Seme and their Hungarian partner L1 Association  cooperates in the event.

Performer and artistic producer, teaches Contact Improvisation at Spazio Seme and leads experimental workshops and courses in Movement and Improvisation for children, adults and disabled people in Italy and abroad (Brazil, Mexico). Co-founder of Spazio Seme, he works like actor and dancer in Spazio Seme's artistic productions. Leo is co-organizer of the ItalyContactFest, italian festival of Contact Improvisation.

Mario Ghezzi is a performer and yoga teacher. His personal research in movement and improvisation is influenced by experiential anatomy, energy pathways, basket and tai chi movement. As dance/movement teacher he's interested in discover our personal ways of dancing and performing.
He regularly teaches contact improvisation and yoga, takes part in site specific performances with dancers, actors, musicians and works with dance company.
Mario is co-organizer of the ItalyContactFest, italian festival of Contact Improvisation.

Spazio Seme - arti in movimento is an international cultural and artistic center in Arezzo (Tuscany).
Spazio Seme organizes several activities: courses and workshops for children and adults, shows, concerts and exhibitions.
Spazio Seme is managed by Seme s.n.c., the society that works in the world of culture, art and entertainment. Seme creates and promotes opportunities for research and collaboration between italian and international entities.

1st action: 17-23. February 2015 - open workshop: 21-22. February

Contact and Improvisation workshop

"For me the most important and interesting thing was the somatic approach inside and integrated contact dance.
I have already met this idea and I think the way Mario and Leo introduced it functioned well also.
They helped us to concentrate on deeper layers of the body and mind and by giving certain focuses to the work it brought us easily in the field of moving and tone us to ourself. This spotting on each area gave a motivation to discovering and experimentation things, as much as free space to play.   
It's like diving more and more in something and discovering a richer and richer world by this. 
Although my impression was that we could more like taste these worlds and unfortunately we didn't have enough time to see how is the moving and dance that could have come and develop from there.
That's why for me the workshop was rather very inspiring, made me curious and I am looking forward to try several really useful exercise for myself or with a other to let them carry me further." (Judit Dömötör - participant)

"The workshop investigated thematically the relation between centre and limbs metaphorically mentioned as roots and leaves in the title. In the first day, the focus was on the movements starting in the centre and reaching till the extremities. We warmed up energetically with free individual improvisation, first walking then on the floor where we continued exploring the flow through moving. In the second day, the so-called 'tired energies' played an important part in the warming up. The teachers drew our attention to the creativity of exhaustion and to the possibility of new movements coming from this state." (Katalin Lengyel - participant)

"Structures used on these sessions, can be sucsessfully projected to other life methods I’m into. I mean not just through bodywork, but also structures of communication, professional work and mental process.
I’m onto turn new informations into my pedagogic work, to free the strong and collaborative minds, and make them being able to find their routes and goals. That’s such a big luck Leonardo is giving classes for kids and perform them also, which made me interested. Also Catherina’s interest in fine arts and dance collaboration excites me a lot. I’m happy about meeting Spazio seme, because they operation inspiring me a lot. I found many paralell interest, and looking forward to make further collaboration." (Eszter Monojlovits - participant)

"For me this workshop was most helpful with guiding me to a place of open exploration and trusting my intuition. Throughout the two days I needed to concern myself with how to take care of my physical and psychological needs while allowing maximum intake of new information and at the same time remaining sensitive to the needs of other workshop participants. I was free to let myself rest when needed and even leave an exercise in which I felt unsafe with the person I was working with. Leonardo and Mario were very supportive and generous throughout the two days. " (Valencia James - participant)

2nd action: 25-26th April 2015. - workshop