4. L1 Tánc Fesztivál

2005. február 3-13. MU Színház / L1 Táncművek

Like in previous years, MU Theatre presents the best dance theatre works from L1 danceLab again. 

The program of the 4th L1 Dance Festival consists of 10 performances, including 3 premiers, a new L1-mixed evening, an exhibition of István Harasztÿ, an interactive installation/experience market entitled: Ghost train, 2 guest performances and a short performance of Kiégő Izzók. Audience members are also welcome to visit the studios where they can participate in a contemporary dance worshop with Cristian Duarte (dancer, choreographer) and Fabiana Dultra Britto (dance theorist).


„Ghost train” is open during the festival 1 hour before and 1 hour after that day's performance

Interactive installation, experience market Reflections of the soul of L1 In dialogue with: Lucia Moukhtar

“I purchase a ticket, I sit in a painted carriage, it jolts me, I find myself in a dark labyrinth. I’m veiled from the hubbub of the outside world. I am asked, I answer. A fragment of my past slowly taking shape.”  (Andrea Mészöly)


"Overlaps"  Exhibition of  István Haraszty.. is open all day long between 3rd and 12th february 2005 in MU Theatre!


„SetUp” - short performance by Kiégő Izzók – at 6 pm. 11th february 2005. L1 danceLab!


„Embodied lab” in L1 danceLab, 12-13. february 2005! - After Cristian Duarte’s succesfull workshop in our 2004 festival, this year he teaches with dance theorist Fabiana Dultra Britto.





Szabó Réka  from scratch

free associations for actors and dancers

február 3. 20h (MU Színház)

szereplők performers l Gőz István, Jarovinszkij Vera, Kövesdi László, Réti Anna, Szász Dániel    zene music l Barna Balázs, Márkos Albert    fény és kellékek lights and props l Szirtes Attila    kosztüm costume l Bodnár Enikő

We know It to be vociferous, forever on the run, rowdy, often vulgar. And yet It can look so lonesome, all walled up, with the blinds down. It has a callous face but It is still somehow vulnerable. Its façades glisten. Its arms and face always in some other place: all desire inside, while living on the outside. We do a headstand, take a look at It, laughing.

All participants in this production have made their own creative contribution.

Before the performance: “Fuming” – a short film by Ernst Süss is on screen in the theatre hall.

Külön köszönet Special thanks l Keszég László, Petri Lukács Ádám, Járdány Bence, Nagy István Zsolt, Lőkös Ildikó

Fotó: Dusa Gábor


Company ST - Gál Eszter Együttese  cell element

február 4., 5. 20h (MU Színház)

Koncepció, rendezés Concept and direction l Gál Eszter   előadók performance  l Bakó Tamás, Alessio Castellacci (Olaszország),Johanna Chemnitz (Németország), Réti Anna, Melina Seldes (Argentína)    zeneszerző music l Grencsó István    szöveg text l Alex Caldiero (I/USA)    videó video l Ernst Süss    fényterv light l Bánki Gabriella    kosztüm costume l Túri Erzsébet

“We are diving into the dance of the cells. The focus is on the touch, on the space, on the different relationships and on the reflections. 

The research has begun from our inner landscape, with an arrival to a kind of emptiness that allows “the nothing” or “the everything”

to happen. I was interested in the inner life of the smallest movements and the poetry of dance that can be born from that.”


Gyula Berger and Friends Dance Theatre Prince Argirus and the Mazegirl

február 6. 11h (MU Színház)

előadók performers l id. Berger Gyula, Buday Enikő, Vostenák György, Monojlovics Eszter, Muraközy Zsuzsa, Müller Fanni, Tatevoszjan Leila   zeneszerző composer l Márkos Albert    jelmeztervező costume designer l Bodnár Enikő    maszkok masks l Stampf Katalin    haj, smink hair, make-up l Pillangó    dramaturg dramaturg l Cziráki Judit    díszlettervező scenery l Hajas Ágnes

világítástervező light designer l Payer Ferenc    tanácsadó expert l Boldizsár Ildikó (mesekutató)    

koreográfus, rendező choreographer, director l Berger Gyula

„The wonder is that the characteristic efficacy to touch and inspire deep creative centers dwells in the smallest nursery fairy tale – as the flavor of the ocean is contained in a droplet or the whole mystery of  life within the egg of a flea.” 

Joseph Campbell: The hero with a thousand faces

Prince Argirus and the Mazegirl is a complex tale, which is full of magic elements and events. The story is equally exciting for boys and girls, since its heroes, the prince and his bride, have to go through similarly heavy trials to reach happiness at the end. The performance that is a mixture of dance, theatre, music and fine art is offered for children aged between 4 and 10. 

fotó: Varga Gábor Ákos


Company ST - Gál Eszter Együttese  Duets for One

február 8., 9. 20h (MU Színház)

koncepció, rendezés concept and direction l Mary O’Donnell Fulkerson (USA)    előadó performance l Gál Eszter    zeneszerző music l James Fulkerson (USA)    kosztüm costume l Hiroaki Kanai (J)    fény lights l Mary O’Donnell F., Bánki Gabriella

“Three changing ephemeral moments in the life of a friend…Captured; investigation; constant state of discovery. Each part of this dance is a duet, having its own mystery - woman/imaginary other self/life within.” (Mary O’Donnell F.)


Two in One - Michaela Pein és Hargitay Ákos  Life Style dance

dance from the last century 

február 8., 9. 20h (MU Színház)

zene music l Sörés Zsolt, zenei mix    előadók, koreográfia choreographie and performer l Sörés Zsolt, 

Nagy Zoltán, Michaela Pein    megelepetés előadó surprice l Gál Eszter   kosztüm, stylist, koreográfus asszisztens stylist, choreographer assistant l Michaela Pein    koreográfus, rendező directed and choreographed by l Hargitay Ákos    vizuális konzultáns visual consultant l Kiégő Izzók

“we try to translate this big time using the language of dance”

fotó: Peggy Jarrell Kaplan, Csillag Pál


Ladjánszki Márta  a mi madre

február 10. 20h (MU Színház)

Withering leaves,

Temple on the bed.

Rain-soaked bird croaks

In the light summer wind.


Who am I burning for, when your eyes do not behold?

Why am I frightened, when your hands turn cold?


A man died!

Good Lord! I am still alive!


koreográfia, előadó choreographer, performer l Ladjánszki Márta

zeneszerző composers l Jávorka Ádám, Hammer Zsolt

fényterv light l Szirtes Attila

kosztüm costume l Pillangó

haj hair l Betti & Ákos

segítők l Csorba Kriszta, Holló Imola Dalma

fotó: Sipos Dániel


International Day

Cristian Duarte (BR) embodied

február 11. 20h (MU Színház)

“I’ve been asking questions, not with the wish to find answers, but rather as a chance to find purpose – a driving mechanism to maintain myself curious, alert, hungry and dialoguing with people and the world around me.” Cristian Duarte 

In ‘embodied’ (2003) we treated the information as ‘stuff’ - the Body as stuff –  to be manipulated, to ‘dj’ itself and the surrounding. Delivering friction and dealing with the materiality of the body. ‘embodied’ is grounded on some ideas of Lakoff and Johnson in their book ‘Philosophy in the Flesh’. “We suggest wrapping your mind/body with bubble plastic for that one!”

alkotók előadók created and performed by l Cristian Duarte (br), Fabiana D. Britto (br), Shani Granot (il), Peter Fol (be)   koncepció project concept l Cristian Duarte    tanácsadó process adviser l Fabiana Dultra Britto    technika technique l Peter Fol

koprodukciós partnerek co-production l Théâtre de la Bastille (Paris); DEPARTS / DEPARTS is supported by the European Commission (“Culture 2000” programme); Springdance/works (Utrecht); WERKHUIS/producties (Brussels) e Melkweg (Amsterdam)

köszönet thanks to l Helena Katz, Flavio Rodrigues, Jan Maertens, Jan Ritsema, Bojana Cvejic, Theo Van Rompay, Hanne Van Waeyenberge, Constance Neuenschander, Pierre Thys, Csaba Varga

fotó:  Anna Van Kooij 


L1 mixed evening 

Closing ceremony, presentations and party

február 12. 20h (MU Színház)

közreműködnek performed by l L1-tagok (Berger Gyula, Gál Eszter, Hargitay Ákos, Ladjánszki Márta, Mészöly Andrea, Michaela Pein, Szabó Réka), valamint Payer Ferenc és a Kiégő Izzók

“It is a light and delicious course AND it is amazingly inexpensive. It is a real party recipe. Take seven fun vegetables, crash them together and add herbs and spices according to your taste. When it is done, throw it in the middle of an 8 by 10 pan and bake it, watch it, bake it and then eat what you (we) have baked!”


The L1 Dance Festival and the performed creations are supported by 

Nemzeti Kulturális Örökség Minisztériuma, Nemzeti Kulturális Alapprogram, Nemzeti Civil Alap, 

Fővárosi Önkormányzat Kulturális Bizottsága, MU Színház, Artus - Soros Mobiltechnika, Marland Kft.,  Francia Intézet, Osztrák Kulturális Fórum, Filmmúzeum Rt., Borsodi Sörgyár Rt., Pesti Est Súgó,  Juventus Produkció, Művészeti és Szabadművelődési Alapítvány, Új Előadóművészeti Alapítvány, HKA - Dance Academy, Jaffa Kávéház, Szépkilátás Egyesület