7-11. March 2007. Budapest

Conducted by L1 Independent Dancers’ Partnership

Nine years ago a partnership was established, which became a creative community of seven young, independent dancers-choreographers (Gyula Berger, Eszter Gál, Ákos Hargitay, Márta Ladjánszki, Andrea Mészöly, Michaela Pein, Réka Szabó).

Six years ago we decided to support each other with stepping out and show our works together.

So far we have arranged five L1 Dance Festivals and have never disappointed our audience. This year we have in store for you in addition to L1 performances, more international days, workshops, and on the last night we throw an unforgettable goodbye party.

We keep the system to have three locations during the festival. Two of them are the same, like MU Theatre, the regular location of L1 Dance Festivals and ‘at home base’, L1 DanceLab / Bakelit M.A.C., beside these we have a new place, too, National Dance Theatre!

All of the performances are premiers and begin at 8 pm, except the performance on 10th which begins at 7 pm!!!

The only way to go: come and join in the fun!