7th L1 Contemporary Dance Festival

4th-9th March 2008.

We are proud to present the 7th contemporary dance festival organized by the L1 Independent Dancers’ Partnership ( with international guests and performances for all those interested in dance. In addition to the two usual venues, the L1 danceLab-Bakelit M.A.C. and the MU Theatre, the National Dance Theater will also be home to the festival. 

Program of 7th L1 Contemporary Dance Festival:

4th March MU Theatre – International Day - Nanohach Company from Prague will open the festival with Portrait dance piece

5th March Bakelit M.A.C. - Ladjánszki Márta: silent witnesses

6th March National Dance Theatre Refektorium - Mészöly Andrea: My little dirt

7th March NTSZ - Berger Gyula (Zero Balett Company) Feminine four short pieces: baubo, duett, massive, vermont counterpoint

8th March Bakelit M.A.C. – International Day – Arena Dances_Mathew Janczewski: Plastic language 

9th March MU Theatre – closing ceremony of the festival - Szabó Réka (The Symptoms Company), Bakó Tamás and Ladjászki Márta

You are welcome!

Performances take place at:

L1 danceLab: 1095 Budapest, Soroksári út 164. Tel.: 3581005

Bakelit Multi Art Center: 1095 Budapest, Soroksári út 164.  Tel: 347-0803

MU Theatre: 1117 Budapest, Körösy J. u. 17.  Tel: 466-4627

National Dance Theatre: 1014 Budapest, Színház u. 1-3.  Tel: 201-4407