JOSHA - a portrait - coproduction of L1 Association and Art Stations Foundation With support of Artists in Residence Programm at fabrik Potsdam and VARP-PA 2012 director/choreographer: Márta Ladjánszki (H) danced by Joanna Leśnierowska (PL) composer/musician: Zsolt Varga (H) lighting designer: Tomáš Morávek (CZ) special thanks to: János Kókai (H), Zsolt Koroknai (H), Edit Kozár (H) costume: Butterfly, Manier - Anikó Németh (H) "The body is the physical aspect of the personality visible." - Mary Starks Whitehouse  “Márta Ladjánszki is experimenting again drawing up something exiting and unique in the Hungarian contemporary dance scene.  The theme, the questions and the answers brought up from deep within her and her partners demands a lot of attention.” (excerpt by Ágota Seszták) Márta Ladjánszki has been working in Budapest in the field of contemporary dance as an independent choreographer and dancer. She is inspired by the body itself, the inner thoughts and how it shows visible inspirations for the human body. She truly believes everybody is different (not just physically) which makes our life richer. That is why almost all of her pieces are dedicated to celebrate the body itself!  She works regularly together with Zsolt Varga musician, composer, multiinstrumentalist, sound and movement artist from Budapest, Hungary. JOSHA is the first artistic collaboration with Joanna Leśnierowska dramaturge, dance curator, writer and performer from Poland. supported by L1 Association, Art Stations Foundation, NKA Dance Department, NEFMI, International Visegrad Fund VARP-PA, Fabrik Potsdam, cie. Public In Private, Studio 142 Berlin, Polish Institute Budapest, Czeh Centrum Budapest, Műhely Alapítvány, Bakelit M.A.C., Salvador Cabaret media support by Magyar Színházi Portál, FÜGE, fidelio, Márta Ladjánszki loves to work with interesting people and create through their personality. She made this coproduction with someone who you can’t really get your eyes off - not only because of her characteristic features. This project required Ladjánszki’s soft and sure-handed portrait-painting skills. She can fully resonate with her creative partner, while staying in the background, letting the other one emerge in the performance. She frames a physically and emotionally strong personality, and shoves a mirror in our face. We love to point at each other, while we are unaware of the fact that we have the same problems, but we won’t be able to be so honest about it, like the subject of this portrait. (Kovács Emese - Ellenfény 2012)