performers: Garai Júlia, Hód Adrienn, Jarovinszkij Vera/Kovács Noémi, Jávorka Ádám, Kántor Kata, Kiss Melinda/Hadi Júlia, Lakat Andrea, Szász Dániel/Lipka Péter, Varga Zsolt

helpers: Károlyi Balázs, Koroknai Zsolt, Csorba Kriszta

lighting designer: Bánki Gabriella, Amper

costume: Butterlfy

supporters: L1 Independent Dancers’ Partnership - L1 danceLab, OKM, Fővárosi Közgyűlés Kulturális Bizottsága, NKA, Bakelit M.A.C.

In a dignified state 

I stand in the stolen moment. 

I am straining myself against time, 

but who shall I give birth to – I wonder.

Surrounded by a disciplined silence

I dread that only 

my shadow is rejoicing. 

I am growing tired, am not even within myself, 

and you’re here, still at my innermost. 

I am creating – a new play, only because a thieving, truculent mob fathered by compulsion and probity is deporting me, and creating is the sole way of survival that is worth anything. Thus I take the world onto my shoulders and speak. Instead of magical words and self-revelatory states that rummage within me, I shall quit the eurhythmic variations and shall merely drag my body into a state of presence. Occasionally I shall fight against my not being understood, but shall give vent to my rage and melt the ice with my warm heart. I speak. Alone – roaming about the world solitarily, so that the hole of my navel would be my sole centre, which as a starting point shall help my take-off. 

Come only if cognition attracts you like a magnet, and you wish to hand over your body and soul to me!