choreography/direction: Ladjánszki Márta

performers: Garai Júlia (dance), Hód Adrienn (dance), Vadas Zsófia Tamara (dance), Varga Zsolt (music)

composer: Varga Zsolt

costume: Butterfly

light: Pete Orsolya

video: Koroknai Zsolt

supported by: L1 Independent Dancers’ Partnership - L1 danceLab, BELEF09 - Belgrade, NKA - Dance Department

“I carry my burden. I give an account of my deeds. I try to forget the unforgettable, I try to clean my wounds, and I swirl the air around myself. I am alone - in my solitude.

I can’t see outside of me. The opportunity passes by, and I start to lose my courage.

I squeeze a faint scream out of my guts, but it’s only dead bait which falls under. You were born out of me, you are retreating with me, and I am taking you - even into my grave.

This is not a topic for a summer day!

I am forgetting. I am forgetting the time, for I was away and now I am stuck in here, and I am forgetting my abandonedness born out my own misery. 

This is a self-confession!

This is a devastating state of nothing-knowing!

Do you come with me?”