choreography/direction: Ladjánszki Márta

performers: Garai Júlia (dance), Kovács Noémi (dance), Molnár Csaba (dance), Oliver Mayne (music), Varga Zsolt (music)

composers: Oliver Mayne and Varga Zsolt

video: Koroknai Zsolt

light: Dézsi Kata

costume: Butterfly

co-creators: Bill Young

supported by: L1 Independent Dancers’ Partnership - L1 danceLab, Bill Young & Colleen Thomas Company, NKA - Dance Department

'Your touch is tender and exciting. We join in an amorous embrace, but are enveloped in a maddening solitude. We wish to appear and to be together, to see and to be seen, to reveal and be revealed. Before we part forever, let's meet up again, just one last time'

'StatusM has been running successfully for the past three years. This creative process, based around a series of performances, builds upon the mutual listening and understanding of its participants, and consists of a number of phases, developed in collaboration with my colleagues and co-creators. It is continually challenging, instructive and exciting to participate in this work, in which we combine a month-long exploratory workshop, with a subsequent performance showcasing the resulting work. In 2010 we continue this journey, this year working in partnership with three invited co-directors, with the aim of presenting the premiers of these collaborations under the StatusM banner'