Valencia James

independent performer, researcher

L1-resident artist 2015 and member of L1 Association (2016)

10 Questions – 10 Answers
Can you name a book, a movie, a piece or a song, which you think is about you?
I’d rather write that song/book or make that movie myself.

What was your greatest rebellion as a teenager?
Falling in love with my husband ;)

What would you do, if you wouldn’t be doing what you do now?
Maybe running my parent’s business or teaching dance in Barbados.

What are the first three items on your bucket list?
I don’t really have a bucket list but what comes to mind is: Working with an internationally renowned performance company, discovering my roots in Africa and backpacking around South America-especially experiencing life in Bahia, Brazil!

What is your greatest fear?
That I never fulfill my fullest potential.

What ’superficial’ things do you waste your time with?
Facebook – helps when I feel homesick or lonely…

Do you have any superstitions or rituals before entering the stage?
I say a prayer if I remember.

Which historical figure or fictive personality would you like to share a cup of coffee/tea or a glass of wine with?
Jesus. I’m curious what he would be like in person, free from all the interpretations of the Bible and the Church.

What is your oldest piece of clothing?
I have a dress that I got from my uncle when I was 14 and I still wear it. It still looks like new.

Is there one fact about you, which would surprise others if they would know it?
Both my little fingers are weirdly curved inwards. Does that count?

(August 2015.)