“DNA is biological macromolecule – polymer, double helix consisting of two chains of nucleotides

in both fibres - storage of DNA information – live necessary matter that carries a code and programs cells and in this way forms the development and qualities of the whole organism."


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Development of New Art


continuum 2011 - 2013

“If you are not prepared to be wrong, you´ll never come up with anything original.” Sir Ken Robinson


||)) ||\\|| //\\  Development of New Art || Continuum 2011 - 2013  

is a project of the 8 European cultural NGO: New Web (Czech Republic), Entre  Scénen/Bora-Bora (Denmark),  Schloss Bröllin (Germany), L1 Association (Hungary), Fish Eye artistic association (Lithuania), Chorea Theatre Association (Poland), A4 (Slovakia), Glej Theatre/PTL (Slovenia).


Long term project mission is to support talented emerging artists, their creative growth and exchange of experiences, intercultural competences, trans-national mobility and good professional reconnection with the artistic colleagues and public from all over Europe. DNA project favors to creative and culturally versatile European society.


The aim of the DNA Continuum 2011 - 2013 is to improve accessibility of the creative self expression and participation in the involved EU regions through the invention of the new cultural services and products based on new thinking, creative processes, vital inspiration and encouragement of the artists and public to be real agents of change in the social and creative entrepreneurship. Project will cross all kinds of imaginable borders as artistic/cultural/physical/geographical, it will transgress the stories of stereotypes, it will contribute to long-life education, open topics of arrogance and ignorance, it will touch the role of the cultural home defense and it will deconstruct and recreate actual significances of the European identity.

The DNA Continuum 2011 - 2013 project will bring conceptual and practical possibilities for artists to create and share widely a gene constitution for innovative expressions, creative dialogues and free artistic choices. The DNA project is twisting the new vital spiral of the European Performing Arts with special attention on the strings of Performance, Dance, Physical theatre, Visual Art, New Media, Street Art and New Theatre Art. 


DNA Continuum Program workshop-válogatás Palle Granhoj vezetésével - Bakelit M.A.C. 2011. december 3-4.

nyílt felhívás és válogatás férfi táncosoknak az új DNA-Granhoj projekt kapcsán

az 'Education and Culture DG Culture Programme' támogatásával