We are excited about preparing a unique event…


- retrospective -


… because we have JUBILEE in 2021!

20 years ago, the artists of the L1 Association slammed into the area of ​​today’s Bakelit Multi Art Center, and this way our collaboration that resulted in a venue connecting the two organizations began 20 years ago. We hope we can continue for a long time.

We celebrate the anniversary with a series of retrospective, anniversary online performances and look back, recall, remember, relive the moments.

If you saw the performances from the past years, it will surely be good to recall them; and if you did not see them, you can now make up for it.


In the first 10 screenings you can see the following performances:

Ladjánszki Márta My uninvited suitors – being 'lone –

Arena Dances – Mathew Janczewski (USA) Plastic language


Javier Murugarren (E/NL) & Erikk McKenzie (NO) Voor Margaretta

Taneli TÖRMÄ/LOCATION X (FIN) Distortion

Rókás László Tarzan Zéró: Zero does not let itself multiply

Ladjánszki Márta creator evening TWO and BITCH

Mészöly Andrea Imprinting

VERES Flóra/TalkingBodies One in One

Saskia RUDAT (D) brainjogging


The list of screenings is constantly expanding at


Join us at publicly announced screenings where you can support the collaboration between L1 Association and Bakelit MAC and the continuation of working together by selecting an online ticket price. You can surprise yourselves each Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday when the performances can be viewed 24 hours a day, starting at 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. the next day.


Normal ticket - If you are watching the performance alone: ​​HUF 1,500

Family ticket - If more than one person is watching the performance from one device: HUF 2,500

Sponsorship Ticket - Thank you for supporting the performing arts by purchasing the Sponsorship Ticket: HUF 4,500

Discounted ticket - If your current income does not allow you to get tickets at a higher price, but you want to see the performance: HUF 500


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We offer a special screening on the occasion of the International Dance Day, CLICK HERE


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