L1-eve(s) a’la IZP

06.10 – 11. 2021 at 7 pm CET LIVE


06.28 – 29. 2021 at 7 pm CET ONLINE –» until 07.06. 2021. 24.00

• Berger Gyula
 and ZeroPlus DanceWorks: The Merry Metronomes (work in progress)
• Bot Ádám: Tenebrositas (premiered in 2018)
• Ellenbacher Ádám: Glitch exhibition
• Györke Tímea: Hangoló
• Ladjánszki Márta: Meditative

• Rab Alexandra: 28+2

• Rab Alexandra: I speak about it (premiered in 2018)
• Szász Zsófia: Adaptation (premiered in 2021)
• Oli Mayne, Varga Zsolt: MAYNE+VARGA concert
• Veres Flóra (TalkingBodies): One in One (premiered in 2020)


Main organizer: L1 Independent Artists Association of Public Utility
Artistic director, program curator, host: Ladjánszki Márta (L1-member)
Translation: Varga Zsolt (L1-member)
Graphic design: Korolovszky Anna
Portrait and collage pictures: Syporca Whandal (L1-member)
Introduction interviews: –odorik–
Main documentation: Lajti Balázs, Kovács István (L1-member)
Publicity: Naszály György

Main supporters: L1 Egyesület, EMMI, NKA IZP Ideiglenes Kollégiuma

Hosting venue/partner: Bakelit M. A. C., Fészek Fotó Stúdió

Media partner: Táncművészet, Színház Online


»»»» ««««

An evening with the artists of L1 Association: "L1 Association presents".

2020. NOVEMBER 11. 19.00 ONLINE L1-evening 

Once again, the artists of the L1 Association will meet with the collaboration and reception of Bakelit MAC. The occasion is special, asit is more difficult to meet live in a situation caused by restrictions imposed in the last six months. However, this joint presentation to the artists and viewers of the association is also an important appearance every time, they decided to put themselves in the online space again. All you have to do is join viewers on the FB page of the “elegy hirek” (managed by the L1 Association) on the designated day, where the current premiere begins at 7 p.m.

The evening will feature current works by L1-artists, where each of the performances will address performativity in the online space.


•  Márta Ladjánszki (L1-member): „Egy kicsi mozgás mindenkinek kell…”

• Syporca Whandal (L1-member): Babel – sound hallucinations

• Ádám Márton Horváth –  Zsolt Koroknai – Zsolt Varga (L1-members): Zsoám project

Special thanks to KNI, Lajti Balázs, Mácsik Péter, Rimóczi Balázs, Vasi Zsófia

Host: Ladjánszki Márta

Supported by L1 Egyesület, Bakelit MAC, Kreatív Európa Program, EMMI, NKA, p’ARToló //


»»»» ««««

June 4 – 5 – 6, 2020 ONLINE because of the lockdown (filming on May 30.)


Syporca Whandal (L1-member): Inverse

László Gálos (L1-resident 2020): Isolation-sequences v1.0 – a virtual performance

Gyula Berger (L1-member) and ZeroPlus DanceWorks: I am …

Zsolt Koroknai – Márta Ladjánszki – Zsolt Varga (L1-members): metro action 3.0 INDOOR


The screening of ONLINE L1-evening(s) was possible with the help of: 

The team of Bakelit MAC: Balázs Erdős, Péter Mácsik, Zsófia Vasi

Production management/Coordination/Host: Márta Ladjánszki/„Julika”

Video-documentation/editing: Balázs Lajti (

Photo documentation: István Kovács

Supported by L1 Association, Bakelit MAC, Creative Europe Programme, EMMI, NKA, p’ARToló and the supporters of the individual works!


»»»» ««««

October 8, 2019


Flóra Veres (L1-member) Talking Bodies: I was never this before

András Déri (L1-resident 2019): Mysterium Cosmographicum [with other L1-member like: Zsolt Varga]

Supporters: L1 Association, NKA – Imre Zoltán Program, EMMI, Artus and the supporters of the individual works!


»»»» ««««

May 15, 2019


Borbála Blaskó (L1-member) ELEVEN (for the exhibition of Bence Blaskó)

Flóra Veres (L1-member) I was never this before – excerpt

„L1 Association presents” (H) SHOEGAZE

Supporters: L1 Association, NKA, EMMI, Bakelit MAC and the supporters of the individual works!

photos: István Kovács, Péter Vas, KNI


»»»» ««««

May 16, 2018

Zsolt Koroknai DLA Márta Ladjánszki (L1-members) HELLO performance [stylist:
Anna Ádám L1-resident 2018]

Ladjánszki Márta (L1-member) BY the way_DUETT
[with other L1-members like:
Noémi Kovács, Zsolt Koroknai & Zsolt Varga]

István Kovács (L1-resident 2018) Sic itur ad astra
"30 years in the performance art"– a jubilee series

Flóra Sarlós (L1-member) & Ziggurat Project Légszükséglet – work in progress excerpt [with other L1-members like: Emese Kovács & Ádám Márton Horváth]

Supporters: L1 Association, NKA, EMMI, Bakelit MAC and the supporters of the individual works!

photos: Syporca Whandal