L1 Independent Artists Association of Public Utility (L1 Association) focuses on creating the right circumstances for high quality performances (in the fields of visual arts, performing arts and dance), supporting the members of the organization, giving advice and adopting ‘homeless’ fellow artists.
L1 Association was established in 1998 and was registered in 2002.
In 2018 the NGO has 24 independent artist members. In addition, since 2012, we have been inviting 5 resident artists each year for a year-long period of working with us and to support them in developing their independent ways of working.
The main purpose of being part of this membership is to promote the cooperation between independent artists.
I am happy to be the artistic vice-president of L1 Association since the beginning.

The primary activity of the association has always been the organization of an annual contemporary dance festival called L1danceFest, based in Budapest, Hungary.
From 2011 onwards, L1 Association has become increasingly interested in interdisciplinary fields of art and cross-genre experiments. Therefore we wanted to provide an opportunity for artists with different backgrounds to present their works at our festival, without a specific thematic selection. Similarly to the previous editions, L1danceFest has been dedicated to cultural diversity, transgressive power and boundary-breaking experiments.

We have recognized an increasing interest in activities that offer the possibility of participation and creative involvement. From all our previous experience we have learned that there is a growing need for more engaging, invigorating and more co-operative new projects.
These are the motivating forces behind our future activities.

This booklet is a summary of the past 16 editions of L1danceFests and our guests. We are happy to introduce you now to some of them. This way – even if you didn’t meet them – you can have a more in-depth overview of our activities as well.
We do hope that you will enjoy looking through the photos and reading the interviews and look forward to your visit next time around.

Márta Ladjánszki
dancer, choreographer, teacher
artistic vice-president of L1 Association