Simona Máthé Kiss

Audience Relations Manager

member of L1 Association (2018-2020)

10 questions – 10 answers

Where would you like to wake up tomorrow morning?
In a little house in the woods, which turns out to be mine.

Can you name a book, a movie, a piece or a song, which you think is about you?
I wouldn’t say it is about me, I think it can be about everybody. Virginia Woolf’s Orlando.

What would you do, if you wouldn’t be doing what you do now?
I would be the village healer.

What year would you type into a time machine, and why?
489 for example. I have no idea what was exactly then, but I am interested in the Middle Ages.

What are the first three items on your bucket list?
Lucid dreaming, staying for some months in nature, diving.

What is your greatest fear?
Missing to meet myself.

Which historical figure or fictive personality would you like to share a cup of coffee/tea or a glass of wine with?
Michelangelo, Béla Hamvas

Which sense is the most important for you?
The one which communicates with all five senses.

Is there one fact about you, which would surprise others if they would know it?
I cannot ride the bicycle properly as I did not learn it in my childhood. I am working on it and it gets better and better, but there is still lot to learn.

How do you see yourself in ten years?
Happy, free, walking in nice summer clothes – of course not in wintertime…

(December 2017.)