Flóra Eszter Sarlós

dancer, creator, organizer

resident artist of L1 Association 2017 and L1-member (2018-19)

10 questions – 10 answers

Where would you like to wake up tomorrow morning?
It does not matter where,it only matters with who and in which company I will spend the day.

Can you name a book, a movie, a piece or a song, which you think is about you?
It depends on. Usually I always find something that I connect to my actual life or state of mind and then I read / watch / listen to it all the time. There is a 3 hours long interview on youtube about a Hungarian couple traveling around the word for 4 years on bike (Zita Zárug and Árpád Harkány), I watched it like five times and I also follow their blog.

What was your greatest rebellion as a teenager?
As I was a small teenager, one night I wanted to escape from a family holiday because I did not like too much the man my mom was at this time. I made the two other children escape with me,but by doing that I broke my head so badly that I needed to brought to hospital by the ambulance.

What would you do, if you wouldn’t be doing what you do now?
I would be a stewardess or a traveling blogger or I would make music or study to be a sea biologist (which is very needed in Hungary)

What year would you type into a time machine, and why?
1975. I could meet my grandfather I have never met and could try all the sweet in the family bakery.

What are the first three items on your bucket list?
My MA degree from France, learn paragliding and go to NY.

When and how do you get your best ideas?
During traveling on a plane/train/bike and by speaking and being with my friends and colleagues from Ziggurat Project.

Which historical figure or fictive personality would you like to share a cup of coffee/tea or a glass of wine with?
I would take a coffee with Nelson Mandela and go to a bar with Hans Solo and Chewbacca from Star Wars.

Is there one fact about you, which would surprise others if they would know it?
For a while I was working as a bartender in a casino in abroad to I could pay my dance studies and I really like this job.

How do you see yourself in ten years?
I would like to continue to create in group, participate in progressive art projects, travel with my work and find balance between my professional and private life.

(March 2017)